This Friday kicks-off CreekFest a fun family festival of music, art, and the outdoors. Fred Haas Toyota Country will be driving shuttle for guests to the event. We are excited to be a part of this festival and can’t wait to see the creative art process for the chalk art demonstration and more. The day will start out with a 5k and 10k race and will end with live music from some great bands. We look forward to seeing you at CreekFest and hope you have a great time!


Fred Haas Loves Pets!

At Fred Haas Toyota Country we understand that your pets are like your babies. That is why we are proud to be a pet friendly facility. We have a lot of grassy area for your pets to walk around on and we have small cups and a cold soda dispenser with water to keep them hydrated during this hot summer. 

We have seen everything from a pack of Chihuahuas to Gretta the Fred Haas mascot. Our President is known from having three adorable dogs who stop by the dealership often. Gretta is Steve Haas’ dog and she loves to hang out around the dealership. So next time you are driving around with Fido and need work done on your car stop by the place that welcomes pets Fred Haas Toyota Country!

Car buying tips for this Memorial Day

1. Know what you’re looking for. If you go to a dealership without an idea of what type of car you’d like, it might be easier to get yourself sold into a vehicle you’re not excited about. Know what year, make and model you’re interested in before you head to the dealership.

2. Always shop online to search for used cars or new vehicles before going into the dealer. Get a sense of the market value of your ideal vehicle to avoid getting marked up. Consumer websites like Kelley Blue Book allow you to search for both the private party and dealer value of a car.

3. Look for safety and reliability information on your desired vehicle. Independent organizations like Consumer Reports can provide ratings of new and used vehicles. If you find that the car you’re interested in has low reliability or safety ratings, consider a different vehicle.

4. Always ask to test drive the exact car you will be buying before making a purchase. Often the exact vehicle you want will not be immediately available. While you wait for the car in your chosen color or with the exact features you want to arrive, you may be offered to drive a comparable car. Just make sure not to sign until you’ve driven your car.

5. Pick the right dealer. Choosing a reputable dealership can be just as important as picking a safe and reliable vehicle. Look for customer reviews on Google Places, Yelp,, and If the majority of consumers have had unsatisfying experiences, you should consider using a different dealer. Traveling extra distance for excellent customer service is worth the trip.

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